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John B. Brandt, Robert W. Deters, Gavin K. Ananda, Or D. Dantsker, and Michael S. Selig

This webpage includes wind tunnel measurements for propellers used on small UAVs and model aircraft.

The propeller database includes three volumes:

Basic Relations

The UIUC data use the standard definitions for propeller aerodynamic coefficients:

Further, for the static performance data plots (C_T0, C_P0), the Reynolds number reported there (x-axis) is based on these quantities at the 75% blade station: propeller blade chord (c_75%) and rotational velocity (V_75% = 0.75 Ω R).

For more information, a useful reference is:

McCormick, B.W., "Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics," Wiley, Second Edition, 1995.

UIUC and Ohio State University Experimental Measurements - Comparison

The figures below show a comparison between UIUC Volume 1 (V3) data and measurements taken at Ohio State (Ref 6). The results show good agreement, especially considering that the thrust and torque measurement techniques differ. For the UIUC data, the thrust is measured directly with a load cell attached to a pivot arm. The torque is measured through a torque cell attached to the fixture that holds the motor. For the OSU data, the measurements were taken using a multi-axis load cell attached directly to the motor (Ref 7).

APC 10x5E and 10x7E "thin electric" propellers.

Additional formats: .eps, .fig, and .pdf

Credits: Graphics provided by Matthew McCrink and James Gregory, Ohio State University, June 2015.


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Download Archive

Download the entire propeller database: UIUC-propDB.zip (md5sum: bd8ecc6779c8235679e47ef49d943b6a)


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