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Our research concentrates on problems involving the aerodynamics of airfoils, wings and propellers applied to aircraft design, aircraft flight dynamics and real-time flight simulation, and low Reynolds number aerodynamics. Our research also includes problems in unmanned air vehicle design (UAVs), wind turbine blade design and aerodynamics, motorsports aerodynamics, and racing yacht aerohydrodynamics. An expanded description of our interests is outlined on our research page. For questions about our research, contact Prof. Michael Selig. See our FAQ for a list of common questions. The following sections below describe some of our top links.


Performance data for ~140 low Reynolds number propellers: Improved wind tunnel corrections have been applied to the UIUC Propeller Database to create the latest dataset - Version 3. The tests include propellers from APC, Graupner, GWS, Kyosho, Master Airscrew and others.

Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data - Volume 5 [PDF] has been completed (363 pages). Airfoils included in this volume are: Drela AG12, AG16, AG24, AG35-r, AG40d-02r with flap, AG455ct-02r with flap, CAL1215j, CAL2263m, CAL4014l, E387, flat plate airfoil with various leading edge treatments, MA409, NACA 43012A, S1223 with Gurney flap, S8064, and S9000 with flap.

UIUC airfoil data books online: The UIUC LSATs page now includes downloadable versions of Vols 1-5 and also SoarTech 8. Printed copies are also available.

The PROPID software for wind turbine blade design has been updated and can be downloaded with the most recent users manual.

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UIUC Low Speed Airfoil TestsUIUC LSATs

Information on the UIUC Low Speed Airfoil Tests (UIUC LSATs) for model aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, small wind turbines, and more. Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data - Volumes 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 are available. Volume 4 [PDF] was published as a NREL report that includes many wind turbine airfoils at low Reynolds numbers. UIUC LSATs airfoil data from Volumes 1-5 are here. For airfoil design on the web, go to PROFOIL-WWW.

UIUC Airfoil Data SiteUIUC Airfoil Data Site

The UIUC Airfoil Data Site includes airfoil coordinates (for nearly 1,600 airfoils) and some performance data. The performance data is mostly for low Reynolds number applications. Also useful is The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage compiled and maintained by Dave Lednicer. The guide includes a listing of what airfoils have been used on approximately 6,400 aircraft.


A general description of our research covering our main areas of interests. Research sponsors have included DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), GE Wind Energy, 3M, AeroVironment, NASA Glenn, Naval Research Laboratory, Northrop Grumman, Siemens Canada, Ford Motorsports, Jaguar Racing, Newman/Haas Racing, Oracle Racing/Farr Yacht Design, Luna Rossa, Spin Master, private gifts, and many others.


People in the UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group currently include Prof. Michael Selig and graduate students: Gavin Ananda, Or Dantsker, Giovanni Fiore, Brent Pomeroy, and Adam Ragheb.