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Where can I get low Reynolds number airfoil data?

  1. The main page for the UIUC LSATs low Reynolds number airfoil wind-tunnel test program:
  2. Books containing low Reynolds number airfoil data are here.
  3. List of the airfoils tested and corresponding books (Soartech 8 and Vols 1-5):
  4. "We are interested in having an airfoil or propeller tested/designed at UIUC. What should be your next step?
    We have tested over 200 airfoils under various conditions at UIUC, many of which are new designs for special applications like UAVs and model-sized aircraft. We have tested over 200 propellers for low Reynolds number (UAV/model-sized) applications. Contact Prof. M.S. Selig for more information, e.g. model description, costs and scheduling.