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Last update July 2001
Welcome to the Smart Icing Systems Flight Simulation web site. This research is geared towards the simulation of aircraft icing. The aerodynamic effects of ice accretion will be modeled while new methods of warning and training pilots will be developed.

Group Objectives

  • Adapt the FlightGear Flight Simulator to quickly, easily, and accurately simulate any desired aircraft, particularly the Twin Otter commuter airplane.
  • Develop a more accurate, flexible, and generic aerodynamics model to interface with the NASA Langley LaRCsim flight dynamics model provided with Flight Gear.
  • Develop engine, landing gear, and other dynamics models appropriate for the aircraft models being implemented in the simulator.
  • Add icing encounter model(s) incorporating aerodynamic and control effects studied by other SIS research groups.
  • Implement icing detection algorithms and neural nets to warn pilots of icing conditions.
  • Incorporate new displays to assist pilots in identifying and reacting to aircraft icing issues.
  • Design networking tools so that different portions of the simulator can be run on different computers.

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    Prof. Michael Selig
    Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    306 Talbot Lab
    104 S. Wright St.
    Urbana, IL 61801

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