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  1. I cannot open the .dat airfoil file. How can I open the file?
    • Change the extension to .txt and click to open.
  2. I am looking for airfoil coordinates.
  3. Where can I get airfoil performance data?
  4. Where can I get other airfoil data?
    • No other data is included here. Some data can be found by searching the literature.
  5. Which UIUC LSATs airfoil data volumes have pitching moment data?
    • Volume 3 and later volumes of the UIUC LSATs books have airfoil pitching moment data.
  6. Where can I get coordinates for NACA xxxx or some other airfoil?
    • The only airfoil coordinates that I have are listed on the UIUC Airfoil Data Site. If you don't find the NACA section that you want, there are some NACA airfoil generation codes here, e.g. XFOIL by Mark Drela at MIT.
  7. What airfoil is used on the [fill in the blank] airplane?