Dear Prof Selig,

In response to your request for contributions to the UIUC Airfoil
Database, I hope you may be interested in the attached coordinates for
the laminar flow sections for the Supermarine Spiteful/Seafang which I
believe were designed by NPL.

I found the basic coordinates in the following ARC Report (which is a
compendium of 5 earlier reports):

ARC R&M 2535 "High Speed Wind Tunnel Tests on Models of Four
Single-engined Fighters," Edited by W.A Mair 1951.

The report is available on the Cranfield Institute library website and
the coordinates are given on page 21 of the report.

The coords in the files are as given in Fig 2 on Page 21 for the tip
(371-II) and root (371-I) with the addition of a LE and TE point.

So far I have been unable to find these coordinates published
elsewhere or any corresponding 2D wind tunnel data.

Hoping you may find these of interest.

Best regards

Dr. Neil Fomison