UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database (Reference)

Last update 12/15/95

S7055 (10.5%) for R/C Soaring

Newcomers and casuals pilot favor simplicity, which among other things leads to the choice of a flat-bottomed airfoil. Unfortunately, the selection of advanced flat-bottomed airfoils is limited; put bluntly, no recent flat-bottomed airfoils have been designed with a view toward reducing the drag owing to laminar separation bubbles. The idea to do something about this situation began during a discussion with Tim Renaud of Airtronics. He said that what is needed is an aft-flat-bottomed airfoil for thermal soaring. The airfoil he thought should be 10-11% thick and should not build up speed as quickly as the S3021 or E205 (which are both nearly flat-bottomed). As a result of this discussion, the S7055 was designed to fill this niche.