S1210 (11.87%) and S1223 (11.93%) for R/C Heavy Lift / Slow Flight  Competition
The S1210 was designed for the SAE R/C airplane heavy-lift competition.  In 
wind tunnel tests, the S1210 airfoil achieved 15% more lift than the FX 
63-137, which to date has been one of the favorites for the competition.  
The S1223, used in the UIUC Low Speed Airfoil Tests logo, is the next in 
the series and is predicted to have 30% more lift than the FX 63-137.  
These airfoils are not expected to perform well much below a Reynolds 
number of 200,000 - the typical design Reynolds number for the competition.  
These airfoils will likely find their way into other R/C aircraft 
heavy-lift competitions appearing across the country.