Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 16:12:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Lednicer 
To: m-selig
Subject: Re: Airfoils
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It occurs to me that you probably want explanations as to what some of
these airfoils are.  The SCs are all NASA second generation
supercritical airfoils.  The DU is a TU Delft sailplane horizontal
tail airfoil.  PFCM is the wing of a propfan powered cruise missile -
I found the coord in a Navy report.  Cootie is the WACO Cootie wing
airfoil.  LDS2 is a homebrew airfoil someone did for the T-18.  The FX
is another Wortmann.  Dragonfly is the Dragonfly canard airfoil, a
modified GU.  I reconstructed the coordinates from the templates in
the Dragonfly builder's manual.  NACA1 is the NACA-1 cowl shape.  The
NLFs and MS are more NASA foils - the MS fixes a mistake in my
original database.  Davis is my reconstruction of the B-24 wing
airfoil.  I traced down the original Davis equations and George
Schairer gave me the constants.  Then, I had to figure out where the
airfoil was - how it is created is a little bizarre.

[The Davis airfoil is under the new as of 11/9/96 files, mss]

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