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_Airfoils at Low Speeds_  (Book)
(also known as SoarTech 8)
by  M.S. Selig, J.F. Donovan and D.B. Fraser, 1989.

398 pages.

* Over 60 airfoil models tested over the Re range 60,000 to 300,000
* Popular source of airfoil data for RC sailplane design
* $20 in US ($25/$35 in US dollars for Surface/Airmail in other countries)

_Airfoils at Low Speed Data Disk_ 

This disk contains all of the test data from the Princeton wind tunnel 
tests assembled in ascii files on 360k IBM format disks.

* $12 in US and Canada ($14 elsewhere)

_Sailplane Design and Performance Analysis Program_

David Fraser's sailplane design performance program is also supplied
on a 
360K IBM format disk.  The program is compiled and runs on IBM 
compatibles.  It already contains all of the airfoil data from the 
Princeton tests as well as several pre-entered aircraft parameter
A complete instruction manual accompanies the program disk.

* $35 in US and Canada ($37 elsewhere)

Order with check by snail mail to:  

SoarTech Publications
H.A. Stokely, publisher
1504 N. Horseshoe Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

SoarTech does not yet have the capability to charge to credit cards
does not take orders by phone.


_The Princeton Airfoil Tests_  (Video)
by M.S. Selig and J.F. Donovan, 1988.

Video, 27 mins.

* An insider's view of the wind tunnel test program at Princeton University
* Made during the test for _Airfoils at Low Speeds_
* For a review of the video by Jef Raskin, see: 
      Model Airplane News, May 1994, p. 129.
* $24.95 in US  ($29.95 in other countries)

Order with check by snail mail to:

John Donovan
2242 Flordawn Dr.#4
Forissant, MO 63031


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