NACA is a program for generating the coordinates of all of the NACA
4-digit, modified 4-digit, 5-digit, 16 series, 63, 64, 65, 66 and
67-series airfoils, along with biconvex sections.  All but the
6X-series coordinates are generated from the original analytic
descriptions of the families.  The 6X-series, due to the difficulty of
implementing the method used for generating the thickness forms, are
constructed from a database of the thickness forms.  In addition to
the airfoils commonly available in "The Theory of Wing Sections", the
NACA program can also generate airfoils which fall in between, such as
a 63.8-3.3314.75 a=.77.  Airfoil coordinates can be output in one of
several popularly formats; LED, ISES/MSES, Eppler, WIBCO or VSAERO.

Coordinates of airfoils generated by this program will agree with
those in the "Theory of Wing Sections", with the exception of the
5-digit series.  The coordinates listed in this book have a minor
error in the leading edge area, which will not be present in airfoils
generated from NACA's published analytical description, which is
contained in this program.

The NACA program was written and is copyrighted by David Lednicer.
The program is declared to be freeware and can be freely distributed,
as long as the copyright notice is present.  The program is
distributed as source code which is written in BASIC and can be run in
Microsoft GW-BASIC, QBasic or QuickBasic.  For those so inclined, it
could also be ported to Microsoft VisualBasic rather easily.

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